Debut album released 15 May 2020 on Edition Records

February 4th 2020: Vortex Jazz Club, London



AuB is masterminded by award-winning saxophonists Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock, musicians who are making huge waves as part of the next generation of virtuosic UK jazz instrumentalists intent on doing things their way.


'An object lesson in how two high-output creative minds can operate in the same sonic bailiwick without getting in each other’s way… there’s a warm, inclusive spirit at work that doesn’t compromise the fierce artistic vision'


'We are witnessing the birth of a new star in the jazz firmament'

EVAN PARKER on Tom Barford

'A deep sonority combined with a spectacular mastering of phrasing and harmony'

JAZZ MAGAZINE [FR] on Alex Hitchcock


AuB refers to the meeting of two musical minds: a collaborative writing process and blending of individual styles drives the group sound. AuB amalgamates contemporary jazz and an adventurous and electronic soundscape with a risk-taking spirit and a degree of unpredictability, nuance and intense improvisation.